Specialist Detox Clinic

There are many people who are affected by addictions to various drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, internet and others that leads to variety of problems to themselves, their families, friends and others..  Most people will regard these as their habit, a part of their life on which they have little control; some thing to keep them going and not sure enough if they really have a problem.  
Some of the addictions such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine and crack, mephedrone, ketamine, benzodiazepines and cannabis could cause serious medical and mental health problems and are very difficult to come off.  Some people are able to quit and lead a productive life.  However for others It gradually gets worse, eventually killing them.

Did you know that in people who have been misusing drugs or alcohol having a psychiatric or mental disorder is a norm.  It was found that in patients presenting to addiction services in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom 75–85% of those presenting with alcohol problems and 75–90% of those presenting with drug problems other than alcohol were found to have current psychiatric problems1, 2..

It is extremely important to get help in time from professionals who could carry out a comprehensive assessment to understand biological, psychological and social mechanisms behind these addictions and create a individualised, specific and flexible pathway to come off these addictions.

The overall focus is to put the patients on the path of recovery by using an eclectic psychological approach and providing integrated detoxification and recovery treatment in exclusive settings depending on their pharmacological, psychological and social needs.  

If you have got mental health issues that you have been struggling with for a while and that has been affecting your day to day life, you might think that it is just you.  There could be some new treatments available or at least there is no harm to to find out more or seek help.

If you are receiving a script or prescription for your addiction or mental health issues, that on its own might not be enough.  You will need to get more from your script to go to the path of the rehabilitation and recovery.  This could require you to consider changing your lifestyle, your social network and engaging with recovery groups.

If you need help to come off alcohol, drugs or other addictions or need assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive problems, psycho-sexual dysfunctions, panic attacks etc. Get in Touch  today.

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2Weaver T., Madden P., Charles V., Stimson G., Renton A., Tyrer P. et al. Comorbidity of substance misuse and mental illness in community mental health and substance misuse services. Br J Psychiatry 2003; 183: 304–13.