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5 interesting facts about alcohol consumption in Great Britain (ONS, 2013)1

n  Almost 6 out of 10 adults said that they had drunk alcohol in the last week
n  18% of those aged 65 and over drank alcohol on 5 or more days in the last week; more than any other age group
n  Young people (those aged 16-24) were more likely to have drunk very heavily (more than 12 units for men and nine units for women) at least once during the week (27%), with similar proportions for men (26%) and women (28%). Only 3% of those aged 65 and over were very heavy drinkers.
n  Very heavy drinkers were five times more likely than other drinkers to have drunk strong beer/stout/lager/cider, and more than twice as likely to have drunk spirits or liqueurs.
n  Smokers (25%) were twice as likely as non-smokers (11%) to have drunk very heavily at least once during the week.

1Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, Drinking Habits Amongst Adults, 2012
http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/ghs/opinions-and-lifestyle-survey/drinking-habits-amongst-adults--2012/sty-alcohol-consumption.html accessed on 8/01/2014.