Specialist Detox Clinic

Home Detoxification

At present this service is only available in Coventry and Warwickshire.

 There are times when you live with your spouse or parents and have tried to come off your addictions, but for one or other reason you have been unable to stop taking drugs or alcohol.

More over you do not want to be admitted to hospital for detoxification.

There is an option of having detoxificaiton in your home, in your familiar surrondings with the help of your family and friends if:

  • You are highly motivated to come off your problem drug or alcohol
  • Your withdrawal symtoms are not severe in nature.
  • You sign a contract stating that you will not use any drugs or alcohol except prescribed medicaton while going through detoxification.
  • You agreed for daily visits and comply with treatment.

Following detoxication you could be offered a medicaiton to keep you sober or clean and you agree to use local services if needed.